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Unified by Circumstances

659006_together_2I had the wonderful opportunity to speak and share with a group of ladies Monday evening as part of the Daughters of Sarah ministry at Riverslake Church in Bakersfield, CA. We all share a common bond—being unequally yoked. Again, I'm amazed at how just knowing we're not alone can minister to the ache in our hearts. Awesome proof of Romans 8:28 in how God can bring good from our circumstances. He wastes nothing!

I loved how one of their ministry leaders (three awesome ladies—Kimberly, Marlene, and Becky) described the group as the club everyone wants to graduate from. I know we all do. What a wondrous day to imagine not needing such a ministry, but in the meantime we have a calling to fulfill.

Speaking to these ladies was such an honor. My prayer was to just serve, to just be the conduit God used to encourage and restore hope. I wish I could reach out to all our readers and hug each one of you and encourage you to keep praying and believing.

As I shared with these dear ladies (who put up with this newbie speaker!), we are called "to be the aroma of Christ among those who are being saved and those who are perishing." (2 Cor. 2:15)

It's a big job and probably one of the most difficult we will ever do, but so much is at stake! If you're not part of a ministry or small group designed specifically for the unequally yoked, I would like to encourage you to pray and ask God to show you other women (or men if you're male) in your church who are unequally yoked. They may be thinking they're completely alone and how wonderful if someone reached out to them. Meet for coffee once a week, or study a book together (click here for recommended books). There's also a wonderful online community at 1Peter3Living.

The point is, don't stay alone, because you're not. God is with you, and he will put the people and resources in your life to support and encourage you along this journey. Just ask him to show you.

And Lynn and I consider it a privilege to be along this journey with you. You minister to us as well and bless us with your comments. We're in this journey with you, united by our unequally yoked circumstances.

Together we can stand strong for however long God needs us to be a fragrant presence to our spouses.

Praying and believing with YOU,

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