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Thankful Thursday - What is a Bovine?

Twenty-five years… It’s been a long time….

My daughter and I returned this week from a 15-day road trip. What trip it was!!! We drove from California to Nevada, visited with my son and long-time friend Becky. Then we set out for Southern Utah to visit my Dad’s ranch. A week later, on to Colorado and three stops in various places west, central and south with a culmination finally in a small town in the southeastern part of the state.

I hugged cousins I hadn’t seen in more than 25 years. We had fantastic adventures and several once-in-a lifetime experiences:

  • Throwing candy to kids from a float in the July 4th parade.Ropepond
  • Flying into a fishing hole from a real rope swing.
  • Visiting Coral Sand Dunes
  • Riding ATV all over the hillsides looking for Anastasias Indian relics and arrowheads.
  • Swimming in a hot springs and actually drinking that disgusting water because it is suppose to be good for you (Glenwood Hot Springs).
  • Riding in a swather. For you city folk, a swather cuts hay.
  • Chasing, toads, horses, bovine (new word in my vocabulary for cow), dogs, ducks….. AsissyAswather

    What a blast! We loved on family, prayed for their health and happiness and mostly for their lives to experience the love of Jesus Christ.

    Thank you Lord for providing for the gas.

    I paid $4.41 per gallon when I left on July 1st.

    Thank you Lord for family. Thank you for allowing my daughter and me to see so much of this amazing world you have created.

    Be Blessed! LynnAzion

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