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Don’t Save Your Spouse….

.....Save yourself....

Over the past couple of days I have had a little trip down memory lane. I am wondering if you would also travel down this lane with me. I have posted in months prior about my feeble attempts to save my husband. As if Jesus needed my help, thank you very much.

I have tried all kinds of loony things to get my man to become a Christian. Really stupid stuff like:

  • Strategically placing 3x5 cards containing scripture verses around the house. Near the kitchen sink. On the table near the television. How about in the bathroom… Sheesh, the poor guy had no privacy.

  • How about this one: Coercing, manipulating and pressuring him to go to church with me. For the kid's sake, for my sake, for the dog’s sake……for heaven sake!

  • Pressuring him to attend a “couples” function. This always went over like a lead balloon.

    I realize as believers we can’t help ourselves. Our hearts are in the right place as we try to point our mate to Christ but my experience over the long haul is this: I was the stumbling block in my husband’s journey. I am so glad Jesus finally became fed up and pushed me out of His way. Seeds were sown and now I wait and pray expectantly!

    I would love to hear your stories from your trip down this particular memory lane. What loony things have you done to try to win your spouse to Christ?

    Be Blessed, Lynn

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