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On the Personal Side...

352pxdisc_golf_in_basketSomething pretty amazing happened to me this weekend. I thought I'd share a slice of "my life according to me" with the intent of showing how awesome God is. Frankly, I'm still blown away by it all. So from the beginning...

The backstory...
My sweet hubby is an avid disc golf player. Absolutely loves the sport. He plays every Sunday and at least one weekend a month in competitions set all over the state of California. So, last week he mentioned he wanted to go to watch the pros play in Santa Cruz on Sunday.

The tantalizing dialogue...
Hubby shoves his hands into his pockets and takes his notorious slouchy stance. "So I'm thinking I'll go Sunday to watch the pros play."

I smile. I'm thinking how this guy just can't go a weekend without a disc golf fix. "I'd go with you if it wasn't communion Sunday."

He looks at me and slides into his goofy smile, brows raised and eyes pleading. "Will you go with me?"

Call me stuck between a communion wafer and an 9 inch plastic disc! What should I do? "Let me think about it."

The dilemma...
I'd told hubby a long time ago that anytime he wanted me to miss church (within reason) to be with him, I would. And I can count on one hand how many times he's asked me in ten years.

Friday evening, I emailed my fantastic buds on the 1Peter3Living loop and laid out my case. Any other Sunday, I would have said, "Sure!" But I'd missed communion four months in a row due to a set of circumstances too weird and boring to put in this post. I sensed in my heart I needed to go, but I was unsure about what God would think about me missing another communion. I prayed and asked God to keep it all in his hands. I'd do whatever he wanted me to.

The solution...
Later that night, hubby asks me, "What did you decide?"

I hesitate, only because I hadn't had time to get any answers from my buds. My mind races through the possibilities. I'll find some other way to take communion. "Yes, I want to go."

Hubby squats by my chair and says, "I thought we'd go Saturday instead and make a whole day of it. How's that sound?"

How's that sound? Like God working his magic! "Sounds wonderful!"

The conclusion...
We had an awesome day together Saturday, watching the players. I even had the opportunity to follow some of the women's pro players and see them in action. Hubby and I had a nice dinner on the wharf, then a leisurely drive home.

Sunday morning I attended what had to be one of the most meaningful communion Sunday's we've had at our church in a long time. Our elders and their wives stood at the front of the church, ready to pray with any who had need. James 5:14 in action.

The "wow" factor...
I knew God would understand my dilemma on Friday. This was one situation though that didn't present an answer I could figure out. I wanted my decision to honor God and my husband, so I put my circumstances into God's most capable hands.

BUT, I never expected this—to not only honor them both, but to also spend a wonderful day with my husband, alone and away from worries and cares. A time for us to just enjoy one another. God gave me a solution to my predicament and MORE!!!

And all I did was trust him. I aligned my heart with God's and left it up to him, and he surprised me.

No, he wowed me!

Praying and believing,

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