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Thankful Thursday - Motherhood

BabyWhen I was a teen-aged girl, I remember telling my mother I would never have kids or dogs when I became an adult. I can still see my Mom trying to conceal her mirth over this pronouncement. I moved out and married shortly thereafter and within three years I had both.

The Lord knew I needed the lessons and the rich blessings of motherhood. He gave me both a boy and a girl. My son is 25 years old today and my daughter 12 going on 13 in a month. What I have learned as a mother is a priceless treasure from the Lord above.

I understand what unconditional love is.
How our Father weeps for those who are prodigal.
I know how to forgive and forget.
Self-centeredness is not an option.
It is better to give than receive.
Money does not make one happy but the hug and a kiss from a dirty and tired cherub is priceless.

And, this is just the beginning of the list....

What have you learned from your Mom or as a Mother?

Praising the Lord for Mothers. Happy Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 11th!

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