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Breakthrough Praying for Breakthrough Living

The Conclusion


"We must begin to believe that God, in the mystery of prayer, has entrusted us with a force that can move the Heavenly world, and can bring its power down to earth." Andrew Murray

Today is the last post in this series. Can you believe we started this journey on January 11th? We covered a ton of thoughts and discovered the real power we have as believers in Jesus when we pray.

I could probably write for the rest of my life and still not scratch the surface of all that we know and can practice in prayer. This series did not have time to look at spiritual warfare in prayer. However, last year we did a study in Ephesians 6. Are we at War? (read it here)

We also have not covered praying specifically for lost loved ones and how to partner with Christ in the salvation experience. I hope to work on this in a few weeks.

There are so many aspects of prayer that I am just discovering. Recently the crowd at 1Peter3Living began to fast and pray together. Miraculous work in the spiritual realm took place because we were obedient to fasting and prayer. When I get my mind and spirit around all that happens when you fast, I will share it with you.

Today I depart from this series and leave with you my thoughts on prayer. I also want to thank all of you who tuned in each Friday to learn more about praying. Your words of encouragement were priceless. Your thoughts and experiences in your own prayer life were amazing and helpful.

What I know about prayer is this:

  • God hears every word.
  • Pray with belief.
  • Never give up. Never surrender. Persistent prayer is priceless.
  • Pray with Jesus by your side. (Read this visual if you have not read it before. It will change your perception of how you pray before the throne of God.)
  • Powerful prayers are those spoken within God’s will.
  • Learn to listen to God. You can recognize His voice and answers to prayer.
  • Interceding for others is powerful and productive.
  • and finally, more of you Lord, less of me.

    Every Monday the Lord brings new people or at least new or repeated requests before me. I pray faithfully for each request each morning for seven days. May I pray for you? I would be deeply honored to bring you before the throne of the Most High and ask for His hand to move in your life. Leave me your prayer request. I take each one very seriously and I promise you this. God will hear about your life.

    Thank you for stopping in here today. I am humbled you would spend your valuable time with me. Be Blessed, Lynn

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