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55446_catch_the_lightThe Bible defines faith as “being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.” (Heb. 11:1) This verse has always had special meaning for me. I’ve studied the flow of each word, and the nuances of its meaning. I’ve embraced its truth within my spirit where its lies deeply affirmed. And now I’m coming to see a new perspective from this verse I’ve called “friend” for so long.

I’ve always placed substantial weight on the last part, “certain of what we do not see.” Faith isn’t tangible. Perhaps this is the biggest hurdle to the unbeliever, to have faith in something that can’t be proven by science, by men. Faith, in and of itself, isn’t provable either. It just is.

Many of you know of the journey I’m on, that God shared his plan for my husband’s salvation with me almost seven years ago. That time is almost here, possibly within days, yet I’m somewhat astonished to find myself doubting.


Is it because I can’t see anything happening? I’ve believed this promise from God for so long. Never doubted. Even when questioned and asked, “What if it doesn’t happen?” I couldn’t answer because the thought had never entered my mind. I just knew.

But my certainty, which has been in place since before I expected to see anything, has become uncertainty in the face of those very same circumstances. Such a paradox!

Are you laughing at me yet? (It’s okay. I am!)

Now moving to the first part—“being sure of what we hope for.” I know what I hope for. I’ve hoped all along for my husband’s salvation. That’s a definite! And I know God desires this even more than I do.

Then my “aha” moment struck. “Being sure” of what I hope for didn’t mean being sure of what I wanted. It’s not like a mother asking a petulant and indecisive child, “Are you sure that’s what you want?”

It means knowing without a doubt that the very thing or “what” you hope for is meant to be, is ordained in God’s will.

In the light of this revelation, I understood my doubting. God gave me that sureness seven years ago. I’d simply lost sight of it. And in that loss, I’d also lost my certainty.

However, (yes, there is a turning point here) today my certainty returned thanks to the prayers of many wonderful and supportive friends who committed to praying for me and my husband yesterday during a set three hour period. A gift I will be eternally grateful for, and I suspect my husband will too.

I believe their prayers are what renewed my certainty and released me from the doubts the enemy had cleverly placed. I believe their prayers are still working in conjunction with God’s will to bring about his plan set in place seven years ago, and before that even. I believe, my husband will be saved.

No, I’m sure of it.

Praying and BELIEVING!

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