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It's A Contest You Wont Want to Miss

Many of you know that I have been devotions writer at Laced With Grace since its inception in 2006. I am thankful for the opportunity to share with you the amazing things God has done in my life outside of marriage.

A terrific contest begins over there today and I want you to know about it. If you have ever dreamed of becoming a writer, a speaker or working in ministry or even a better blogger, you will want to enter this contest.

It is so awesome, I wish I could enter but writers are excluded (Boo Hoo). However I want all of the readers here to know about this amazing opportunity. Please head over there and check out the fantastic prize. (click here)

Also on Wednesday, March 5th, I will be posting at Laced With Grace about a gift. It is a priceless gift a mother can pass to her child, and every one of you can do this. It doesn’t matter what age your kids are. I promise your son or daughter will never forget this particulare gift and it will be something they will cherish all of their life. And, it is something you can put in a box and give at a wedding, a significant birthday, graduation…. hint, hint…

Stop in today at Laced With Grace and find out what the contest is all about and stop in again on Wednesday for the gift. You won’t be disappointed.

Also, to you all of the readers here at Spiritually Unequal Marriage, I thank the Lord for each of you often. I pray for you and care deeply for your life, marriage, and family. Please know that you are precious to me and I thank you from the bottom of my heart that you choose to stop here and spend time with me during your busy week.

I love you! Be Blessed, Lynn

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