Spiritually Mismatched - Weekend Devotion
One Scarred Hand to the Other

Feeling Alone

When I was feeling alone in my marriage, before my husband received "the big talk" from God. I felt really really alone. It was just me and the kids.

Most wives and husbands can talk to each other and communicate pretty well but not us. We use to be pretty much best friends in the early years of our marriage but as time went on we grew further and further apart. Finances grew tight as our family grew, cruel words were said, bitterness, anger, and unforgiveness crept in.

I remember one time in particular my husband said something mean which went right to my heart. I couldn't believe how he could have been so awful. I was just about to start on a pile of ironing, most of it was his work shirts and I said to myself "he can go do it all himself if he thinks he can speak to me that way."

But I heard God gently saying to me "that's not how I want my servant to behave, I want you to go ahead and do it anyway so that you will be heaping burning coals on his head". God didn't mean it in a nasty way; he was showing me to still "do good" towards my husband rather than having the same attitude. So...I carried on, pulled out the ironing board and iron. I set it up in my office, put on some praise n worship music and got through it all while venting my frustrations and tears on God.

I was able to tell Him all about it and at the end it was almost as it those big arms gave me a big hug, wiped my tears away, picked me up spiritually and set me back on my way again. When I put all of my husband’s shirts away in his wardrobe he saw them and told me he felt humbled. I even got an apology for the way he'd acted. I saw that if I'd vented and shouted at him, it would've made the situated much worse. However, because I took it to God He was able to work it all out instead.

For those who are still unequally yoked, there is hope and there is light at the end of the tunnel It is SO important to take our prayers and concern to the one who unconditionally is always there for us. Let Him do the intervening and speaking for us, after all He knows our spouses better than we do.

Amy Forbes

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