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Another Revelation of God

WeddingringssmallLast July I wrote a post called The Revelation of God about a divine appointment God has set up between me and a woman who was unequally yoked for six and a half years. Learning how her husband came to Christ and interviewing him turned into a unique opportunity to how God worked in this process. I had no idea then that God would continue to show me more.

Since that warm July day, I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know this family better. Like Sunday I had the even greater pleasure of witnessing this man get baptized. And not only him, but his oldest daughter and son as well. The last year has been a time of tremendous growth for this very special family.

Right before the baptism of this gentleman’s teenage daughter, our pastor shared with us that she’d made her decision to accept Christ because she’d witnessed God working in her family. If you knew this young lady as we do and the struggles she’s had to overcome, you’d tear up as I did watching her stand boldly in front of our church and witnessing her faith.

I have to say, I remained teary eyed through all three baptisms. Seeing God work in such a mighty way was, well, mind blowing, to say the least. I’ve come to love this family very much over the last six months and to be a witness to this day was so humbling and encouraging.

After the service, I rushed over to congratulate them, so full of joy I thought I’d burst. The morning’s events confirmed for me just how much God is in control—that He desires the salvation of everyone and even allows us to share this great joy when it occurs. He orchestrates every detail.

I couldn’t help but imagine this day for my own sweet hubby. I allowed myself to imagine how I’d feel, how he’d look standing in front of the church, what he might say. It may be years but I know the One truly in control.

And I know He’s orchestrating another divine appointment.

Praying and believing,


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