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Sunday Smiles- The Headlines

At Spiritually Unequal Marriage we explore many difficult and serious topics. We can feel overwhelmed with the seriousness of life because our struggles are sometimes enormous. Because of this fact, I want to share the joy of the Lord with you as well.

Psalm 118:24 This is the day the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.

Odd Newspaper Headlines From Around the World:

Include your children when baking cookies

Something went wrong in jet crash

Experts says police begin campaign to run down jaywalkers

Safety experts say that school bus passengers should be belted

Drunk gets nine months in violin case

Survivor of Siamese twins joins parents

Miners refuse to work after death

Juvenile Court to try shooting defendant

Two Soviet ships collide, one dies

Red tape holds up new bridge

Astronaut takes blame for gas in spacecraft

Kids make nutritious snacks

Man minus ear waives hearing

This hilarity, complements of the Jesus Site. Join in the fun today. Place a fun post on your site and link up so we can all laugh together.

Be Blessed, Lynn

Join Guest Writer, Tami Boesiger, here Monday. Tami shares her thoughts; ....."sometimes I just don't get him." It's a great article, filled with encouragement.

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