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823844_missing_beadUsually when I write a post, I find a picture after the fact to suit what I’ve written. But this time the picture came first. I love this image because it speaks of how we give away pieces of our heart, how we can walk around with gaps and holes (sometimes literally!) in our hearts, and how changing the state of our hearts can be.

On a daily basis, we give ourselves to our families, our friends, those we love. A bead here, a bead there. And most of the time (or just sometimes), those pieces are replaced by what we receive in return. A hug from a child when we least expect it. A bouquet of flowers scrunched in a grubby hand, presented proudly. A random comment from a friend, expressing gratitude. Words of appreciation from your spouse for all you do.

Beads of many colors.

Then come the holes. The times of loss, grief, disappointment. Each leaves a gap, a place to bleed. The structure of our heart loses its shape, looking more like a battlefield than a symbol of love. Weariness staggers our days and plagues our nights. We wonder when it will end. When will the holes be filled in, the beads we’ve given away returned? When will the healing begin and restore our hearts to its once full and plump shape?

Yet in the midst of all this change is one constant—God. Unlike our human hearts, his is constant, strong, and consistent. His heart won’t give out on us. He never runs out of beads. God gives his love to us in unending fashion and has the power to heal all those holes and gaps we’ve accumulated along the way. He’s the one we can totally rely upon when there’s no one else. And He doesn’t do it out of responsibility or to get something out of it. He does it selflessly, because He loves us unconditionally.

Looking to others for what we ultimately can only get from God is a recipe for disappointment. Especially for the unequally yoked. What our hearts long for most can’t be found in our unbelieving spouse. It’s not intentional, or intended to be spiteful. They simple can’t give what they don’t have. But God does, and He wants to be the one to restore our hearts to it’s once full shape. Only He can give us what we truly need. Only He can fill our hearts with the love we need to love our spouses as we wait and pray. And only God can put the kind of love in our hearts to love Him with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength.

All we have to do is ask. His supply of beeds is endless.

Praying and believing,

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