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Thankful Thursday: Masculine and Feminine

This week I want to give thanks to God for his wisdom in creating men and women, masculine and feminine.

Several months ago my friend Karen emailed me the day following a great discussion about my favorite topic, marriage. We were discussing what constitutes a healthy and balanced marriage. We determined marriage is rarely fair but a great marriage is balanced.

The next day she emailed this conclusion to me. Wonderful words and I share them with you now.

……When it comes to male-female relationships we are not equal....maybe a better word would be we are not the "same". I don't think God ever intended us to be equal. He made us as "partners" with separate skill sets unique to our sex and to the jobs He put us here to perform. I cherish my female skill set and would never want any man to be equal to me! Oh, I do go on......
Thank you Karen!

Lord, thank you that I am feminine and uniquely made. Amen

Be blessed, Lynn

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I have a surprise for you tomorrow. Something so profound you will never forget it. Stop in tomorrow. It will change your day. I promise

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