Marriage Monday- Excellence!
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Marriage Monday- Excellence!

After I posted the topic for today’s Marriage Monday, Christine, from Fruit In Season, left a comment which is filled with wisdom. “I love that we're called to excellence and not perfection.” Amen, Christine!

Is it possible to become an excellent wife? In a word, yes. Listen to what Martha Peace says in her book, The Excellent Wife.

God has called every Christian wife to His excellence! Any flower can bloom when it is tended by God’s hand. A wife’s responsibility is to learn to put her confidence in the faithfulness of God and His word—to do what He says. She can become what He wants her to become if she does what He wants her to do. There is no other way.--Martha Peace

The absolute best thing we can do for our husband is to love God. Our intimate love relationship with the King overflows into every area of our life and all of our relationships. Our willingness to obey God creates a willingness to partner with our spouse and turn over our need for control. We relinquish selfishness and discover new areas of fulfillment through Jesus.

Knowing God, experiencing Him is the only way to happiness, contentment, and joy in every area of our life and specifically our marriage.

I am God’s living example of this statement. My marriage to a nonbeliever has been challenging over the years. Navigating our relationship when our core values and beliefs are vastly different is difficult to say the least. However, throughout our years of marriage, God has worked on my character, changing me as He leads me down the road of excellence.Wedding_rings

For example over the past year, I have lost my desire to interfere with my husband's career. By that I mean, I no longer jump to conclusions or state my opinions about decisions that are made by him or others in his office. In the past, when I would jump in with my mouth flapping, I created unnecessary stress for my husband about something I probably don’t know enough about in the first place.

For me, taming the tongue is a day-by-day effort. However, the rewards are enormous for both of us.

Proverbs 12:18 (New International Version)

18 Reckless words pierce like a sword,
but the tongue of the wise brings healing

I want my words to be healing to my spouse, my children, my friends, acquaintances and strangers.

Thank you for joining me this week. Next week, Marriage Monday, returns to Fruit In Season. I am exciting to read your take on becoming an excellent wife.

Be blessed, Lynn

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