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I originally prepared this post for Christian Women Online. Yesterday however, God decided I needed to write on a different subject. He woke me up at 12:30 a.m. and I wrote. That short story will post tonight later at Jehovah Java. I hope you have a chance to read it.

Today I am going to share a crazy story about our trip. God uses these experiences to change my heart and prayer life.

Many of you know our family vacationed last week in Yellowstone National Park. We spent a week walking about on an active volcano. This thought still freaks me out!

We stayed in a rustic cabin on the north side of the park. To reach our cabin we drove through a valley where wild life lives in abundance. We called the valley the Valley of the Bison Buffalo. This valley is where the buffalo roam and I MEAN roam.

These guys are built like mini-tanks. The are stocky, 2,000 pounds of attitude. They own the park and they know it.

So, I bet you know where this story is headed.

It was 11:45 p.m. and my daughter, husband, and I were returning to our cabin after visiting with friends who were staying several miles away in a campground. It is pitch black outside with the exception of the brilliant stars winking. As we are driving, I suddenly see something reflected in the car headlights off to the right of the road. It’s an animal about to jump out in front of the car. I scream, “STOP.”

Hubby slams on the brakes, we stare, now on the roadway, directly in front of us, is Mr. Buffalo. He is sauntering along in a casual pace and heads straight for the yellow line in the center of the road. The road is narrow and lined with trees. There is no way to get around him.

As he is walking the yellow line and glancing back at us, I remember an earlier encounter with the Buffs. Two days ago we watched a buffalo charge two cars on the opposite side of the road. I AM SCARED! I begin to mumble a prayer, my husband is white knuckled and my daughter has taken cover somewhere in the back seat.

Minutes pass. The beast keeps walking and glancing as we inch along at a respectable distance. I pray louder. I begin to wonder if the authorities will find us in the morning out of gas and asleep on the roadway.

Finally the brute moves to the left lane of traffic. I yell, “gun it.” The tires squeal, we jet up to pass the beedy-eyed, beast but he is having none of it. The hulking black tank moves toward our car.

Breaks screech as they lock up. The people in the car behind are laughing, I am sure of it. Now the adrenaline is flowing. Thus the bizarre game of buffalo chicken ensues.

At this point, a heated argument discussion erupts as to how we should get around the armored truck.

Buff, again moves toward the side of the road.Imported_photos_00088_2

“Let’s hightail it out of here,” I scream. Wheels screech, fear rises, and we race by the beast with his shaggy dreadlocks blowing in our dust.

I collapse in the front seat, my husband relaxes, and my daughter crawls out from under her coat to peek back at the poor folks behind us who are now trapped in their own game of Buffalo Chicken.

A minute later, an entire heard of elk spring from the bush and once again the brakes screech. What a ride!

Psalm 23:4 Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.

Although I tell this story of our valley of the shadow of death, I know there are truly people who live in a real valley with the shadow hanging overhead.

They are people like my brother, age 41, who is facing certain death this year from Metastatic Melanoma.

Facing our buffalo has reminded me of those who are in desperate need of our prayers and the comforting hand of Jesus upon them.

Lord Jesus, I pray for my brother and for every person who stops in here today who is living in their own valley. Lord, I ask for your power of deliverance in their lives. You have a perfect plan for many who live in this valley. Comfort them as they struggle, give them hope and courage to face the beast in the roadway. In Jesus name, Amen.

I am praying a blessing over you today my friends. Rejoice, our God is good! Love, Lynn

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