Marriage Monday
Marriage Monday

Regular Contributor; Dineen Miller

I am thrilled to announce Dineen Miller will be a regular contributor here at Spiritually Unequl Marriage. Dineen was one of the first readers here when we started this adventure. She has contributed many thought provoking and inspiring articles over the past year. I am delighted and blessed God has inspired her to speak regularly here. Would you please welcome her!


Dineen Miller: Almost twelve years ago, I left the advertising industry and embarked on an adventure with Christ. Sure, I knew him as a child, but I’d wandered the road of life, got married to a wonderful man, started a family and had plans—my plans. God showed me He had something else in mind.

I was thirty when I embarked upon this spiritual walk. And my journey as an unequally yoked spouse. I served as a youth counselor, then a Stephen Minister at my church in Tennessee, along with starting a women’s ministry that still thrives today.

During a brief stint in Europe, I discovered I wasn’t alone in my spiritual mismatch. God blessed me with an amazing group of ladies who walked the same path I did and taught me so much. There I helped establish small groups for the purpose of Bible study and fellowship in an international church, and have been involved in small groups and ministry for the spiritually mismatched ever since.

As a wife to an avid disc golfer, a mother of two spectacular teens, a graphic designer and a writer, I serve a God who shows me daily just how broken and saved I am. All that now translates into the stories, articles and devotionals I pen to God’s glory.

My prayer is that our words bless, encourage, and strengthen you, dear one. You are not alone in this journey. DM

You will find Dineen here every Tuesday! Thank you Dineen!

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