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The Journey of Prayer

Marriage Monday

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My goals for last week, June 25 through July 1, 2007:

  • Pray for my husband’s career daily
  • Speak well of him in all circumstances
  • Recognize and appreciate him as my Hero
  • Once again I am thrilled to participate in this month long challenge. Each week I uncover interesting aspects of this challenge and the goals I am seeking to achieve.

    First, I acknowledge I am unable to achieve these goals without God’s help. With that said, I know I will keep these goals for the remainder of the challenge. So much work….so little time *grin.*

    Two weeks ago, I gave significant thought and actions to my first goal. Last week I worked to pray for my husband’s career.

    I am thrilled to say I prayed everyday over his work. I prayed something like this:

    Lord, I approach your throne with my redeemer, Jesus, at my side. Father, today I ask your hand of protection over my husband. Protect him from evil people and evil spirits. Lord, I ask You to dispatch angels from your throne to guide him in his work. Lord, let the angels speak words of encouragement to him. Also, Lord, when my husband’s name is spoken in the work place, let others remember his integrity and work ethic.

    Lord, if it is Your will, promote my husband. Propel him further down the career path. Surround my husband with Christians in the work place.

    Oh and Lord, thank you for bringing this man into my life. I am grateful. In Jesus name, Amen

    I can’t wait to see what these prayers avail.

    I am praying your week was also filled with opportunities to serve your husband and your God.

    Be blessed, Lynn


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