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Spiritual Battle for the Soul

Recently my friends at 1Peter3Living were discussing the fact that our spouses would lash out at us verbally. Many of us have endured a personal attack on our beliefs or character or a number of things.

I believe it is important to remember that our unsaved spouses are susceptible to the enemy attacks. Our spouses are constantly barraged with thoughts that are counter to our beliefs. These attacks arrive through many avenues such as television, newspapers, magazines, office conversation, and almost every other area of communication.

Keep ever present in your mind that your spouse is still hesitating in the enemy camp. The salvation of your spouse is at stake and the spiritual realm is actively seeking to retain his soul.

I know this sounds like the beginning of an epic movie, however, it is absolutely true. When we receive a verbal blow, it is often because the enemy prompted the outburst. We may have exacerbated the situation but our spouses certainly will respond.

I know personally, in the past, my spouse would lash out with strong emotion and hurtful accusations. His words were actually fueled by the enemy. The enemy aimed the words at me to shut me down, wound me, and make me a non-threat.

This worked for a while until God led me to the truth. God helped me understand my husband’s outburst were driven by his confusion, frustration and by the enemy.

When your faith is under attack, when you feel leveled by words and unable to respond, when you feel “out-talked,” don’t grieve but rejoice. You are actually making an impact in the spiritual realm for your spouse.

Pray fervently for spiritual protection for yourself and children. Pray that your husband’s eyes will be opened. Pray the chains of oppression are broken and pray Jesus would be revealed to the heart of your spouse.

Pray Hard! Be blessed! Love, Lynn

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