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Marriage Monday

Marriage Monday examines traditional roles in marriage, scripture, and sharing of duties.

Questions: What is your definition of a traditional marriage? Do you consider yours to be traditional or contemporary?

What scriptures do you turn to (if any) when determining your role in your marriage?

In the sharing of duties in your home (childcare, work, house cleaning), are you and your husband satisfied with the way things get done? If not, how would you or he like it to change?--Thanks, Christine, host of Marriage Monday.

These are fun and interesting questions. I believe if we look to each other and see God’s fingerprints in other marriages, we can learn how to thrive in our own.

In my marriage, we are a traditional model and also NOT at traditional model.

For years I was an equal partner in the financial support of our family. I worked in corporate America while raising my son (now 24 and living on his own). Roughly three years ago, I retired. I now handle our home and the primary child rearing of my daughter. What is interesting and true of many women who work today is they also are mostly responsible for the home and the child rearing. Quite challenging. I am thankful I no longer attempt both.

I lean on many scriptures. I am a 1 Peter 3 work-in-progress. I need to read more scripture about the tongue and apply them *grin.* God uses different scriptures to reach into my marriage through out the seasons of our married life.

The interesting thing about our marriage is how untraditional we really are. It works for us. My husband does ALL the laundry. Now before you start to think too much of this situation, I handle all of the yard work, including sprinkler repair, landscaping, etc.

I know dividing up household responsibilities creates an enormous amount of tension and fighting in marriage. Every married couple must arrive at a healthy give-and-take to feel appreciated and loved. A healthy give-and-take requires renegotiation as responsibilities changes.

I am blessed my husband is a man of laundry. By the way, he is better at it than I am.

For more on Marriage Monday, stop over at Fruit In Season. Be blessed, Lynn

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