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Marriage Monday

This week, Marriage Monday, is discussing Vacations. I would like to bring a unique aspect to vacations based upon our unusual situation. I don’t mean spiritually mismatched, what I am referring to is my husband’s regular business travel.

My husband travels for business every week. He will board a plane on Monday and will return home on Thursday or Friday. As our world becomes smaller many more men (and women) travel, as it is required of their career.

Thus, jetting off for a weekend, just the two of us, is difficult. My husband returns home for the weekend and the last place he wants to go is away to stay in another hotel. We cope however. I might want to get away for a weekend but I completely understand his unwillingness. I have surrendered this desire.

What we do however, is plan vacations. A camping trip or two always is fun. We will visit family occasionally over a weekend. We try to take a major week-long vacation with the entire family once a year. Sometimes we are able to do this twice a year. Praise God for frequent flyer miles and hotel points. There are some benefits to our odd life.

I know there a many of us who live with the challenges of a traveling spouse. You can find ways to steal away time together. It is crucial to your relationship to do so just as Christine states.

One of Dr. Harley’s five needs of a man is recreational companionship. Vacationing fulfills a large portion of this for my husband.

Hope you have plans for a summer get-away.

Be blessed, Lynn

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