Marriage Monday
Thankful Thursday

God Answers Prayer!!!!!!

Sometimes we can be discouraged in our marriage journey. We think nothing will ever change. I want to encourage you with a true-life story.

This week I received the following email. This story is truly amazing because the wife in the story actually recognized something profound. She agreed to allow me to share this story. (Thank you)

I pray you are encouraged by this woman. She is real. She is living with all kinds of challenges, yet she recognized God at work in her marriage.

God will work in your marriage as well. Keep praying, God is faithful. Now to our story……


I just want to share something with you, the Lord answered a prayer I had prayed many times in the past; not recently but in the past. If I was not more aware, or the Holy Spirit did not remind me I could have missed it totally.

Sunday morning I did not want to go to church, I went to bed to late, and I did not get my hair washed so it was kind of yuck (I know really good reasons, huh!). Our alarms went off, I hit snooze. On normal Sunday's if I did not get up we did not go to church, I am the "come on honey lets go."

One of my prayers in the past has been "Father help my husband lead, please lets us get to the point so when I am weak, my husband is stronger. I am tired of always being the spiritually strong one."

Well this Sunday, hubby rolled over and said, "come on get up, we need to go to church." I then said I was tired, and he said, "no we really need to go.” That is when the lightening bolt hit me that HE was spurring ME on! I jumped out of bed and said, "Honey you are right we need to go!"

The answer to prayer was awesome, it was a small break through, but one I rejoiced in all day.

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