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I am married, so why do I feel so alone? Part I

The Spoils of Victory

I am preparing for the up coming series on marriage and loneliness. I hope to have the first article posted as soon as I can. Today, I am so happy to have one of our regular guest writers offer a great article of encouragement.

Thank you Dineen Miller for these encouraging words. I am asking God favor upon you this week and His blessing upon your marriage. Lynn Donovan

DineenThis last week brought me to the end of my latest Bible study. I’d waited two years to do Beth Moore’s Breaking Free. I knew in my heart this study would be pivotal in breaking a stronghold in my life, and I wasn’t disappointed.

What surprised me however, came at the very last chapter. Beth (I call her by her first name because she makes you feel like you’ve been friends for years!) had us examine a time of captivity in our past and see if we’d forgotten to claim our plunder.

In the Old Testament, the Israelites often went into battle and won a bounty. Whether it was gold and silver, freedom, or God’s blessing, they claimed the spoils of victory. Beth asked if we’d claimed the spoils of our battle.

I prayed for God to show me if I’d neglected to claim something. Very clearly, my husbands face into mind. God took me back to my eighteenth year, a very difficult time in my life. I always knew God put my husband in my life at that time to save me from making a very bad decision, but I never thought of it past that.

God showed me that not only was my husband a prize from this battle, but my family (which includes everyone from his side as well) was my treasure too—the reward for walking through a lonely childhood without close family.

I praised God for this revelation, and gave thanks again for my family. For my husband, who, though he doesn’t know Christ, is a treasure God has blessed me with.

I know I’m God’s treasure. He won my heart in the battle for my soul. And I know one day my husband will be one of God’s precious gems as well. In the meantime, I pray I’ll be a treasure to my husband. A jewel to light his eyes with appreciation and a reflection of the saving grace of Jesus Christ.


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