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Road of Life

Mother's Day Tribute

As I have walked the road of life,
I have learned so many things,
And in learning I remember,
And remembering, pleasure brings.

I have learned that in the world,
The lessons taught by living,
About the ones who love you,
Who is the most forgiving.

The one who binds up all the wounds.
Eases pain that can't be seen.
Tells you that you're wonderful,
When the world is cruel and mean.

I have learned there is no other,
Who wipes away the tears,
And stays your friend and confident,
Despite of age and years.

I speak of God's rich gift,
We should prize above all others.
The one who rights our footsteps,
Our guides, our hope, our mothers.

She will be your greatest asset,
As you battle all your wars,
She will kiss away each tear,
And try to mend the scars.

We should give with loving tribute
Respect and honor due her name,
Fill her heart with loving pride,
Not riddle it with shame.

But, let her know the sacred trust
God gave her to fill,
Brims your soul with love,
And gives your heart a thrill.

That she gave her all for you,
To make you who you are,
There is no one like a mother,
She is heaven's shining star.

And when you say your prayers,
And bow your head at night,
Remember who has taught you how,
And helped you choose the right.

So to every precious mother,
Who has wiped away the tears,
Who stood steadfastly by,
Through all the passing years.

We give you praise and gratitude,
There is so much more to say,
But know you're loved and honored
"Have a Happy Mother's Day."

by: Barb Wiatrak-Young

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