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Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday at Spiritually Unequal Marriage is an opportunity to give thanks to the King for our spouses.

Today I give thanks to the King for my husband who was brave enough to raise the tent!

Please join me at Christian Women Online where I share our recent tent-raising experience. ....I looked across the tent and I saw my husband, a gift from God. I saw a man who has made me a better woman....

Be Blessed, Lynn

For more Thankful Thursdays, visit Iris at Sting My Heart. Thank you Iris for this wonderful ministry of thanks.

Also up next: How do I handle my hurt when my spouse ridicules my faith?

What Bible is your Spouse Reading?

Today, I want you to consider the concept of being perhaps the only Bible your husband will ever read. If that is the case, what is he reading? Does your life reflect scripture? Not always?

Don’t lose heart. We are only human. We will fail. Often times I fail not only daily, but hourly. Ugh!

BibleWhen I fall short because I was short-tempered, snappy, or just plane rude, I turn to Jesus for forgiveness and grace. Again and again I receive forgiveness. Christ’s forgiveness empowers me to forgive.

That is the Bible our spouses need to read!

Next Post: How do I handle my hurt when my spouse ridicules my faith?

Be blessed, Lynn


"Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down his life for his friends." ~John 15:13~

In the United States,
Memorial Day is on the last Monday in May
and commemorates men and women
who gave their lives
for their country in wars.

Pray with me.

Lord, today we remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our liberties. Let us remember Lord those who served and those today who put their lives on the line for our country. Father, I pray for this nation. Let us be a nation under the hand of you our mighty, God. Amen


I am married, so why do I feel so alone? Part VIII

While preparing for this series of articles about loneliness in marriage, I found an interesting piece of advice from a Christian marriage counselor. His advice resonates in me and I believe it truly is helpful.

Get regular physical exercise!

May I suggest a half hour a day walking or running? If you can’t walk or run, perhaps swim or at lease move around outside. Years ago I began to walk every morning. I would read my Bible, pray in my prayer journal, and then go for a walk-and-talk with Jesus.

Walking and talking with Jesus is often the highlight of my day. I share my thoughts with him. I worship Him as I see how beautiful the natural world is. It is on these walks that God sends little love notes to me. The melody of a bird song elates my soul; I delight to watch a bunny cross my path. A butterfly stops on a flower right in front of me.Butterfly6

I am renewed and filled with the Holy Spirit on this walk. I also have regular physical exercise to keep my physical body healthy.

Other suggestions to help keep your emotions in check:
• Keep a regular journal of your feelings. (Our prayer journal is perfect).
• Find healthy outlets for personal development. Acts of service, education, church involvement can divert you from the constant thoughts of “what is wrong” in your marriage. Involvement brings opportunities for more balance and changed expectations.
• Develop and maintain a routine. Keep physical, spiritual and emotional life intact and your home and personal world organized. Again more balance brings about more contentment and less dwelling on what you don’t have.

Balance and calmness!

Today go for a walk. Don’t worry if the neighbors see you mumbling out loud. You are praying to our very real and awesome God. Happy Walking. Be blessed, Lynn

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday at Spiritually Unequal Marriage is an opportunity to give thanks to the King for our spouses.

I am grateful to the Lord because we share Thankful Thursdays. Making one day a week a day to thank our God for our blessings is humbling. I thank God today for my husband once again. Taking time once a week to thank God for my Spiritually Mismatch spouse has caused me to see my husband in loving eyes. Today I see his sacrifice as he boards a plane twice a week to provide for his family.

Giving thanks to my Savior for my husband removes my gripes, my frustrations and replaces those harsh and selfish feelings with love, acceptance and real appreciation. Thank you Lord, for my husband. He truly is a gift from You.

For more Thankful Thursdays, visit Iris at Sting My Heart. Thank you Iris for this profound and healing ministry of thanks. Thank you Jesus for teaching me how giving thanks is a healing balm to my soul. I love you.

I am married, so why do I feel so alone? Part VII

If you want to change your marriage, you must move from apathy to commitment. Begin by practicing thankfulness. Make a list of your blessings. Specifically thank God for your spouse and the specific things you appreciate about him or her.

Thanksgiving breaks down entitlement attitudes that breed discontentment. Self-talk such as I deserve a better marriage than this. Or, I deserve someone who can meet my needs, will never bring you to healing.

What we deserve is death and God owes us nothing. Through His grace and love, however, we have everything. We have His power to turn around our destructive self-talk.

Two suggestions to begin these changes:

First: Read the Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman. This book can help you to love your spouse in the language which will create the best response for your efforts.

Second: Help others. Giving to others in service can change the heart of anyone. Volunteer now. Don’t wait until you have more time or money. Start now. Ask at church where you can serve. Helping others who are struggling with greater difficulty than your own will quickly bring about a heart change. I PROMISE!

If you are seeking real changes in your marriage today, take out that prayer journal. Ask God to show you real thankfulness. Ask God to bring you to where you can serve. Ask God to be your everything, to fulfill your hearts desires. He is desperately waiting for you to speak those words and mean them.

Have a blessed and beautiful day. Lynn

Lord of Heaven and Earth, I ask your powerful and life-changing hand upon the readers here today. Reach down into their lives and marriages and bring the heart changes You know we need. Show us someone who really is in need and lead us to serve. I love you Lord, Jesus. Amen

God began doing a good work in you, and I am sure He will continue it until it is finished when Jesus Christ comes again. Philippians 1:6 (NCV)


Marriage Monday

Wow! I love the Marriage Monday post at Fruit In Season. Christine addresses children and the changes they bring to a marriage relationship.

One thing Christine points out is the importance of presenting a united front to children.

This is sound advice, however, extremely difficult in a spiritually mismatched marriage. Often core values and beliefs are at odds or even at war. The best advice it exactly as Christine says, “So we choose, almost without fail, to support each other in front of the kids and save our disagreements for another time.”

Even when the disagreements are monumental, you can agree with your spouse to talk about them behind closed doors and not to argue in front of your children. Trust me from a woman who has made this mistake. Arguing in front of your kids stresses your kids out more than you can imagine.

Talk with your spouse in private. Come to an agreement about how to handle conflict BEFORE it erupts. This is the best gift you can give your sons and daughters.

For more on Marriage Monday, stop over at Fruit In Season. Be blessed, Lynn

I am married, so why do I feel so alone? Part VI

This next post may hurt a bit. Some people never grow up. And, by-the-way, that IS NOT A GOOD THING!

If you are married to an immature person, it can be utterly wearisome. No matter what you do, you cannot make someone grow up but you certainly don’t need to enable them in their irresponsibility.

Immaturity can be a result of childhood experiences. How we form our adult thoughts and beliefs, how we learn to love others is a direct result of our childhood learning, as we discussed in an earlier post. Some people simply are stuck in their immaturity and never grow up.

Dealing with an immature spouse sometimes is like dealing with a teenager. There must be rational approaches and consequences.

As adult and mature married people, we should be able to give and receive affection, through handholding, kissing, hugging, conversation, and sexual relations that are comfortable for both. The inability to enjoy a healthy give-and-take in these areas need to be assessed.

Simply there is no other alternative in certain situations. Professional counseling is needed or at the very least mutual understanding between the partners.

If you are the needy person, it can be terribly uncomfortable to discover this about yourself. But, see this opportunity as God calling to you to grow.

If you are married to an unhealthy person, perhaps someone who is unwilling or unable to make changes, stop and prayerfully try to understand what God is doing here. He often teaches us about ourselves, our needs, and the needs of others when we’re going through difficulty. Instead of rushing to try to change your spouse, stop and wait upon God to show you what is going on in your own life.

Honestly assess if you are balanced and that the needs you want your spouse to fill are needs only God can fill.

If after this time of examination, you still feel you have made an honest attempt to put your relationship first, spending time together, sharing, loving, giving affection, then make a commitment. Commit yourself to make a change in your marriage.

Today in your prayer journal, it is time to ask the difficult questions. Lord, am I the needy one. Am I immature? Do I look to my spouse to fill me when it is You, God who needs to fill me?

Submit Yourselves to God
James 4: 1-2 NIV
What causes fights and quarrels among you? Don't they come from your desires that battle within you? 2You want something but don't get it. You kill and covet, but you cannot have what you want. You quarrel and fight. You do not have, because you do not ask God.

How do we go about making change? Next post. Stay tuned.

Thankful Thursday

Last weekend, I spent time with family members I have not spent time with in a long while. We laughed and laughed and laughed. I didn’t realize until now that I am truly filled with laughter, delight, and Godly joy.

Today I give thanks to the King for genuine, authentic joy.

I am thankful for the fruit of the Spirit, Joy. It is present in my heart. I stand amazed at the work of God’s hand upon my life.

Thanks to Iris at Sting My Heart for hosting Thankful Thursday.

Thank you Jesus!

Galatians 5:22 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23gentleness and self-control....

Be Blessed, Lynn

I am married, so why do I feel so alone? Part V

After twenty years of marriage, George and Cyndi (fictitious names), are living in the same house, sharing the same table but feel alone and stuck in a marriage desperate for affection.

George has turned to pornography and Cyndi to food. Their desperate hunger has forced them to grab at anything that will feed their need for love. Some of the inappropriate ways people try to feed their marriages:

Threatening divorce
Withholding love
Playing sexual games
Having an affair
Diving into pornography
Alcohol or drugs
Gambling addiction

If you are desperately lonely and in need of affection, you may even be tempted to go too far in trying to get it from your spouse. Groveling, begging, or demanding will not work.

Marriage counselors would tell you that what attracts a person is self-respect and confidence. Finding ourselves as a child of God, created in His image, provides the self-worth necessary to face a future, expecting change in ourselves for the better.

It’s time to control our dreams. Hollywood portrays a dreamworld that simply doesn’t exist. Unrealistic expectations do three destructive things to marriage:

1. Focuses on things you can’t have, which is coveting.
2. Takes your mind off what you do have, which is ingratitude.
3. Creates unreasonable expectations, which lead to disappointment.

Today in your prayer journal, ask God about these three questions. See His wisdom about your thought life regarding you spouse.

God desires one thing of you today. DON’T GIVE UP! There are many wrong ways to meet your needs: looking in the wrong places, fantasizing, demanding, threatening, taking whatever crumbs you can get, and giving up. The right way begins when you take responsibility for meeting needs in a healthy way.

1 Corinthians 13:4 Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 5It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. 6Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. 7It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

Next Up: Am I the needy one in this relationship or is it my spouse?

I am married, so why do I feel so alone? Part IV

It’s time to take your pulse.

All of God’s children are born with personality, traits, and abilities which are unique. However, attitudes and perceptions are what we develop in our childhood. Attitudes and perceptions we can change as an adult.

Think about your family of origin and your family of today.

Was your family:
Supportive or aloof
Encouraging or discouraging
Warm or cold
Close or Distant
Real or Phony
Helpful or Critical
Open or Closed
Unified or Divided
Affectionate or Unaffectionate

Do you see any patterns here? Patterns in your family of origin or of today? Do you like your family of today?

Okay here is the hard part. How brave are you? If you dare to do it, your children are old enough to understand, and you are mature enough to handle their answers, try talking about their perceptions of what it’s like in your family. You may be encouraged or you may be warned about problems.

Take out your prayer journal and talk to God about your family of your childhood. Now ask Him to show you where the old ways were not good ways. Write out your prayer asking for God’s hand to help you change problem areas.

Ask God for strength and courage to broach this subject with your spouse. Bring the above questions to God. Ask Him to help you bring the questions to your spouse. This single exercise could start your relationship on a road of healing.

If you spouse is completely unresponsive or unwilling to participate, TAKE HEART. God is right beside you comforting you now in this lonely season. He will not leave you there forever. Also, think about what you may be doing to help your children learn a different attitude and perception about love and their future married relationship.

John 14:1
Jesus says,
1"Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God; trust also in me.

Be blessed, Lynn

Next Up: The Stupid Thing People Do

Road of Life

Mother's Day Tribute

As I have walked the road of life,
I have learned so many things,
And in learning I remember,
And remembering, pleasure brings.

I have learned that in the world,
The lessons taught by living,
About the ones who love you,
Who is the most forgiving.

The one who binds up all the wounds.
Eases pain that can't be seen.
Tells you that you're wonderful,
When the world is cruel and mean.

I have learned there is no other,
Who wipes away the tears,
And stays your friend and confident,
Despite of age and years.

I speak of God's rich gift,
We should prize above all others.
The one who rights our footsteps,
Our guides, our hope, our mothers.

She will be your greatest asset,
As you battle all your wars,
She will kiss away each tear,
And try to mend the scars.

We should give with loving tribute
Respect and honor due her name,
Fill her heart with loving pride,
Not riddle it with shame.

But, let her know the sacred trust
God gave her to fill,
Brims your soul with love,
And gives your heart a thrill.

That she gave her all for you,
To make you who you are,
There is no one like a mother,
She is heaven's shining star.

And when you say your prayers,
And bow your head at night,
Remember who has taught you how,
And helped you choose the right.

So to every precious mother,
Who has wiped away the tears,
Who stood steadfastly by,
Through all the passing years.

We give you praise and gratitude,
There is so much more to say,
But know you're loved and honored
"Have a Happy Mother's Day."

by: Barb Wiatrak-Young

I am married, so why do I feel so alone? Part III

In some of my research materials, Christian Counselors indicate people do not know how to love one another. We will learn about this in future posts. But today we need to learn about ourselves.

To learn how to love another person, specifically our spouse, first we must learn who we are. My life forever changed when I realized my spouse was unable to mee all my needs. I guess like everyone, I am really needy. The task to love me the way “I wanted” to be loved was daunting.

I want to share one of my original posts with you here. Many of you may have read it before but the truth in this post is life changing:

For many years I placed my husband in the impossible roll of satisfying all the desires I had for love, acceptance, and identity. I set him up and myself up for disappointment. My husband simply is unable to fulfill every longing of my heart. Why, because our Creator did not design men to be everything to us. The enemy has deceived the daughters of Eve to believe that our husbands must fulfill our every whim, desire, and need.

In the Word of God we read that we are purposefully crafted to desire a heart relationship with our maker. We are fearfully and wonderfully made, Psalms 139:14.

God’s design, the correct design, is for us to establish our identity in Him. He wants us to know, without a doubt that we are His child (Ephesians 1:5a). He longs to show us how beautiful we are (Psalm 45:11a) and to share a love relationship with us (1 Corinthians 13:13). Some of the most powerful longings and needs women have, can only be fulfilled by a relationship with God through His son Jesus Christ.

Getting my mind and heart around this truth freed me and it freed my husband. Our relationship began to change and flash points of war diminished.

To understand Jesus is the ONLY ONE who can completely meet all of our needs is freedom. He must become our identity. He must become the one we turn to with our hearts, hopes, dreams, and disappointments. Only after we turn ourselves over to Christ are we able to approach a marriage relationship with realistic expectations.

Be blessed, Lynn

Ephesians 1:3-6How blessed is God! And what a blessing he is! He's the Father of our Master, Jesus Christ, and takes us to the high places of blessing in him. Long before he laid down earth's foundations, he had us in mind, had settled on us as the focus of his love, to be made whole and holy by his love. Long, long ago he decided to adopt us into his family through Jesus Christ. (What pleasure he took in planning this!) He wanted us to enter into the celebration of his lavish gift-giving by the hand of his beloved Son.

Next up: Learning to love; it goes beyond marriage to your entire family.

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday at Spiritually Unequal Marriage is an opportunity to give thanks to the King for our spouses.

You know what I find amazing? I started this blog for unequally yoked spouses a year ago in May. At that time I asked my husband his thoughts about sharing our life with others.

How would he feel about it? Would he be offended if I shared personal struggles? Could he be supportive of my efforts? Would he read my posts about him to make sure they were accurate? Would he be embarrassed?

From the get-go, he has been 100% supportive. He has often read my articles and offered his opinion. He has allowed me to interview him and post his thoughts.

Still one year later he is enthusiastically supportive. He says, “Honey, if you think our life can help some other person out there then go for it.”

Today I can truly say that our struggles have produced fruit in our lives and the lives of others far beyond my expectations. Isn’t that just like our Great God!

I am deeply thankful to have the love and support of my husband. I am eternally thankful to Jesus and to you for including me in this amazing online community of Christian bloggers.

Be blessed, Lynn

I am married, so why do I feel so alone? Part II

Marriage does not unravel in an instant or without cause. Over time, unintentional carelessness creeps in. A cutting remark strikes the heart. A mean gesture or a cruel look will begin the process of wall building.

As the hurts are delivered, regardless of their intention, we build, feverishly raising the walls of self-preservation. Do you recognize the symptoms?

• Frustration – You desire affection, but you find little satisfaction.
• Sexual issues – Sex with your spouse leaves you empty and ungratified.
• Wandering thoughts – You’re starting to look for love in the wrong places.
• Emotional numbness – Feelings for your spouse are vanishing fast or are already gone.
• Anger – You easily become exasperated, even infuriated, at your partner.
• Loneliness – Your spouse is never truly with you.
• Compulsive behavior – You often us food, drugs (prescription and/or illicit) or alcohol to kill your emotional pain.

As the wall is built higher, we find ourselves lost in these desperate emotions. More than anything we want to belong. The number one desire of all mankind is to belong. In order to belong we need a reason to exist and someone with whom to give and receive love.

We look to our spouse for this belonging and the fulfillment of our deepest needs. This thinking I brought to adulthood and into marriage. One of the greatest deceptions of the married life begins when we are children. Fall in love, live happily ever after.

I have an eleven-year-old daughter. We have seen every movie on the planet with this theme. Is it any wonder our children proceed into adulthood with this thinking?

Belief regarding marriage and relationships is formed as children in the family unit. We must explore this history to understand where we came from and how to break a cycle of unfulfilled expectations.

I will share my personal story with you. For years I lived in the “happily ever after” trap. I was freed several years ago. My freedom also brought freedom to my spouse. Amazing things changed in our marriage.

My prayer journal was hugely helpful. I hope you have started yours. Write this scripture in it today.

Psalm 71:3 Be my rock of refuge,
to which I can always go;
give the command to save me,
for you are my rock and my fortress.

Continue to write out your heart prayers before God. Imagine an angel lifting the words off the page and carrying them to the throne.

Have a blessed day, Lynn

Next: Overcoming our misconceptions about marriage and finding true belonging. Also, how to help your kids avoid the same pitfalls.

I am married, so why do I feel so alone? Part I

So how do we arrive in marriage feeling alone? We hear others tell us how their spouse is their best friend. Hearing this statement rips our heart out of our chest. We can’t begin to imagine a kind relationship with our spouse let alone a deep friendship. How did we end up in this crazy place?

Loneliness in marriage is not just a symptom of Spiritual mismatch. Over the past six or seven months I have talked with so many women who are struggling, alone in their marriage. I am convinced aloneness in marriage is reaching epidemic proportions. Men AND women and starving for affection and attention within their union.

I can attest, living this way is not biblical. It is NOT what God wants for you and He can change your situation. We are going to explore, through Christian counselors, how to make progress from loneliness to fulfillment.

So, let’s travel down this road together and discover how we can turn from starving and lonely to loved and filled up. It is my hope that if you are in a lonely marriage this series can help save you from your prison. Or, if you are currently enjoying a season of marriage happiness, you will dedicate yourself to learn from the discussion days ahead so you can reach out to someone God is desperately trying to reach. Please contribute through your comments. Someone out there needs your encouragement.

I also realize many of you would dearly love to change your situation but feel your spouse is unresponsive. I hope to offer you practical suggestions to work with your spouse or around your spouse for healing for both of you. If you are in a marriage where there is mental illness, addiction, or abuse, the steps ahead are not right for you. Please contact me for information how to overcome these issues in marriage. e-mail me

Let’s take a survey:

Do you feel close to or distant from your spouse?
Do you feel passionate or mechanical?
Is your behavior toward your spouse spontaneous or routine?
Are you emotionally full or empty?
Do you feel loved as you were meant to be loved, or is there something missing?
Do you feel inspired or expired by your spouse’s touch?
Do you feel adored or indifferent?
Do you feel understood or disregarded when you talk with your spouse?

If you answered several of these questions and they indicate dissatisfaction, you may feel lonely, angry, and bitter.

In reality we have three choices:
1. Leave your spouse and find someone else.
2. Leave things as they are and struggle along.
3. Tackle the problem without attacking your spouse.

If you choose anything but number three, there isn’t much you will learn here. But, if you are willing, even one person in a marriage can make changes that will impact the marriage in positive ways.

Are you willing? Will you commit to learning and putting into practice the suggestions that follow in the weeks ahead?

Starting today find a prayer journal. I want you to begin writing out your prayers in long hand. At least a few paragraphs. I want you to lift up your marriage, yourself, and your spouse every day in writing.

Begin praying today in your journal asking God to provide the willingness to change. Ask Him to fill you and your home with the Holy Spirit. Ask Him to protect you and your spouse from the enemy. If you start with this exercise, I promise it will change your life. I PROMISE!

Write to me. Tell me you started your prayer journal. Write the date down and we will share together the great things God has in store for our future.

Be blessed, Lynn

Next: How did we get here. It’s all about the walls!

If you are a Mother, I want to encourage you today at Christian Women Online.

Also, today is Marriage Monday. Head over to Fruit In Season for a great article on Real love.

The Spoils of Victory

I am preparing for the up coming series on marriage and loneliness. I hope to have the first article posted as soon as I can. Today, I am so happy to have one of our regular guest writers offer a great article of encouragement.

Thank you Dineen Miller for these encouraging words. I am asking God favor upon you this week and His blessing upon your marriage. Lynn Donovan

DineenThis last week brought me to the end of my latest Bible study. I’d waited two years to do Beth Moore’s Breaking Free. I knew in my heart this study would be pivotal in breaking a stronghold in my life, and I wasn’t disappointed.

What surprised me however, came at the very last chapter. Beth (I call her by her first name because she makes you feel like you’ve been friends for years!) had us examine a time of captivity in our past and see if we’d forgotten to claim our plunder.

In the Old Testament, the Israelites often went into battle and won a bounty. Whether it was gold and silver, freedom, or God’s blessing, they claimed the spoils of victory. Beth asked if we’d claimed the spoils of our battle.

I prayed for God to show me if I’d neglected to claim something. Very clearly, my husbands face into mind. God took me back to my eighteenth year, a very difficult time in my life. I always knew God put my husband in my life at that time to save me from making a very bad decision, but I never thought of it past that.

God showed me that not only was my husband a prize from this battle, but my family (which includes everyone from his side as well) was my treasure too—the reward for walking through a lonely childhood without close family.

I praised God for this revelation, and gave thanks again for my family. For my husband, who, though he doesn’t know Christ, is a treasure God has blessed me with.

I know I’m God’s treasure. He won my heart in the battle for my soul. And I know one day my husband will be one of God’s precious gems as well. In the meantime, I pray I’ll be a treasure to my husband. A jewel to light his eyes with appreciation and a reflection of the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday at Spiritually Unequal Marriage is an opportunity to give thanks to the King for our spouses.

While away this weekend for a women’s retreat, my husband spent time just hanging out with our daughter. He played endless rounds of board games, talked (or more likely listened) with my daughter, and loved on her.

Thank you for making specific efforts and for being a great father!

Lord, Thank you for my husband. He is a great father. Lord, bless him and continue to reach out to him. In Jesus name, Amen.

Be blessed, Lynn

To read more praises, check over at Sting My Heart!

I am married, so why do I feel so alone?

Today we begin a journey to explore loneliness in marriage. it is my prayer God will open our hearts, minds and spirit to receive His teaching and His will for our marriages. I am praying many of us will find a path to restoration. I am praying that lost time and hurts are redeemed. I am asking our God to be present in the every word of every post.

It is my hope that this series of articles will shine light on how we arrive at a lonely place and how to depart from it. I am asking God for deliverance from the enemy and for lives to be changed. Pray along with me.

Lord, Abba, Father, Place your hand upon this study. Let Your words be present here as we seek to uncover truths about loneliness and marriage. Reveal to us Your thoughts and desires for marriage. Lord, I ask for freedom for those who have hidden their hurt, inner-self behind high walls of self-protection. Lord, give us the courage to try one more time to find the intimacy and relationship that You desire in marriage.

We love you Lord. Let this study bring forth fruit, shed light on lies, free the captives and mostly, I pray this study brings honor to Your Holy name. Jesus, we pray, Amen.

Genesis 1: 23 The man said,
"This is now bone of my bones
and flesh of my flesh;
she shall be called 'woman,'
for she was taken out of man."

24 For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and they will become one flesh.

Be blessed, Lynn