Thankful Thursday

I am married, so why do I feel so alone? Part VIII

While preparing for this series of articles about loneliness in marriage, I found an interesting piece of advice from a Christian marriage counselor. His advice resonates in me and I believe it truly is helpful.

Get regular physical exercise!

May I suggest a half hour a day walking or running? If you can’t walk or run, perhaps swim or at lease move around outside. Years ago I began to walk every morning. I would read my Bible, pray in my prayer journal, and then go for a walk-and-talk with Jesus.

Walking and talking with Jesus is often the highlight of my day. I share my thoughts with him. I worship Him as I see how beautiful the natural world is. It is on these walks that God sends little love notes to me. The melody of a bird song elates my soul; I delight to watch a bunny cross my path. A butterfly stops on a flower right in front of me.Butterfly6

I am renewed and filled with the Holy Spirit on this walk. I also have regular physical exercise to keep my physical body healthy.

Other suggestions to help keep your emotions in check:
• Keep a regular journal of your feelings. (Our prayer journal is perfect).
• Find healthy outlets for personal development. Acts of service, education, church involvement can divert you from the constant thoughts of “what is wrong” in your marriage. Involvement brings opportunities for more balance and changed expectations.
• Develop and maintain a routine. Keep physical, spiritual and emotional life intact and your home and personal world organized. Again more balance brings about more contentment and less dwelling on what you don’t have.

Balance and calmness!

Today go for a walk. Don’t worry if the neighbors see you mumbling out loud. You are praying to our very real and awesome God. Happy Walking. Be blessed, Lynn

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