Thankful Thursday
A Visual Prayer Experience!

How Do I Cope With the Loneliness?

Next up at Spiritually Unequal Marriage: After some email conversations with a few of you, I feel compelled to run a series of articles about loneliness.

It is hard to believe but unequally yoked spouses feel terribly lonely. I know many of you know of exactly what I speak. I am preparing a series to focus on loneliness issue in marriage and how our Lord will meet us in our loneliness and be our company, our companion, our friend, and our confidant.

I will be attending a retreat this weekend. I hope to start early next week with my resources and prayers at hand to venture down the “lonely road.” It is my genuine and fervent prayer that at the end our journey, you will find you are not alone. You will never feel alone again and you will be empowered to help others on the road behind you.

Be blessed my friends. This week would you pray for this series? Ask God to bless our efforts and our words. Ask the King to bring forth His wisdom and His words of comfort. If you have any suggestions, needs or questions about this subject, please email me. Thank you, Lynn

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