How Do I Cope With the Loneliness?
I am married, so why do I feel so alone?

A Visual Prayer Experience!

Greetings My Friends:

This past weekend I attended a women’s retreat where I was filled up with the Holy Spirit. Getting time away from the normal day-to-day to be with God and other believers is something I hope all of you have a chance to do this year.

At our retreat I facilitated a workshop on prayer. In this workshop I shared a visual about the throne room of God. I am a visual learner. What I want to share with you now, profoundly impacted my prayer life and how I approach the throne.

I hope you can see what I see. I pray it will forever change your life of prayer: Be blessed, Lynn

Imagine Jesus taking you by the hand. Gently he leads you forward to a door. He opens the door. You peek around Him and realize it is a side entrance at the very foot of the throne. The throne is massive, white marble. Twelve marble steps form a half circle around the base.

Jesus gently leads you to the base of the steps. As you approach the Father’s throne, Jesus is there with you saying something like this: “Father, Lynn is here to speak with You. She isn’t coming on her own merits or righteousness; she is here based on Mine. She is here in my name. I’m sure You remember that I’ve gone between You and Lynn and provided her with access to You. She has a few things to ask you.”

Can’t you just hear the Father say in response, “Of course, I remember her, Son. You’ve made her one of Ours. Because she came through You, Lynn is always welcome here.” He then looks at me and says, “Come boldly to My throne of grace, daughter, and make your requests known.”

Adapted from Getting In God’s Face by Dutch Sheets

Oh, let Jesus bring you boldly before the throne of God. Let God hear your requests. Pray with all of your heart. Our God hears. Our God loves. Our God moves in mighty ways!

Stay tuned for our upcoming series: I am married so why do I feel so alone?

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