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Thankful Thursday

An Affair and Incompatibility

We have reached the end of our study of His Needs, Her Needs. The final two chapters are How to Survive An Affair and From Incompatible to Irresistible.

How to Survive An Affair:
Step One: Ask yourself if you truly want to survive.
Step Two: Don’t Put up With It
Step Three: Get a Good Marriage Counselor
Step Four: Start Meeting Each Other’s Needs
Step Five: Realize It Won’t Be Easy

Dr. Harley offers great advice in this chapter. He explains the power of an affair. He also states marriage can survive an affair and marriage can become stronger.

The other wise piece of advice Dr. Harley provides: The Cure for Incompatibility: Getting down to the full-time business of meeting each other’s marital needs.

Easily said…. It is not easily done. It is a day-by-day, minute-by-minute effort from the husband and the wife. Don’t wait for your spouse to be the first to begin to meet needs. You take the initiative. The changes in you will bring about changes in your spouse.

Thank you for hanging in there with this long series. I am interested in what you would like to take on next. Conflict? Prayer? Counseling? Children? Send me your suggestions.

I am holding you in prayer.

Lord God, I approach your throne today with Jesus, my intercessor at my side. Lord, I ask your hand upon each person who stumbles across this prayer today. Father I ask out of your great love for me and for them to move mightily in the midst of their marriage. Bring peace, a smile, a hug, a kiss, a thank you, an “I’m proud of you,” into their life. Let your presence be so obvious they can do nothing but fall to the floor with praises.

Lord, let us honor You with our lives and our marriage. Hold us when it is difficult, when we hurt or are confused.

Father, I bind the enemy who is relentlessly trying to rip marriages apart. I bind the enemy from these homes by the power and blood of Jesus Christ. It is His name by which I bring these requests. Amen

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