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Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday at Spiritually Unequal Marriage is an opportunity to give thanks to the King for our spouses.

Today I am thankful for my husband's work ethic and willingness to provide. In an earlier post we covered a woman's need to feel financially secure. I have arrived at this place. Thank you Sweetie!

It was not an easy road for sure. For years I was driven to be self-sufficient, working to support myself. One of the most difficult things for me to do was to quit work and solely rely on my husband to provide. Miracles of miracles, I am finally free of the driving need to rely on no one. God has delivered me from much insecurity and worldliness.

Thank you Lord, Jesus. Amen.

Have a blessed day! Lynn


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Marching Around Jericho is a spiritual guide. As you read through the pages, powerful and transformative instruction and equipping takes place. We follow Jesus as he leads us around the walls, imparting kingdom truths with each passing, finally arriving at the gates of the walled-off city, our spouse’s unbelieving heart. After the circles in prayer are complete, we arrive fully prepared to command the walls to crumble and be removed, making a way for our spouse to step from the rubble of lies and captivity, into faith and freedom!

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