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Marriage Monday

He needs an Attractive Spouse

Today I want to return to our study of His Needs, Her Needs. Let’s look at His need for an attractive spouse.

Okay gals, this may not be easy. It is NOT fair but it is truth. Let’s get to it. Men are visual. They are stimulated by sight. It should come as no surprise they want – no need – an attractive spouse. I am talking physical attractiveness.

I am going to highlight just a few areas. This is a difficult subject and I highly recommend reading the book to understand the complexity of this chapter.

Dr. Harley points out the woman was once attractive but has become lazy. After the marriage vows, she lets herself go. With this said, Dr. Harley simply states: a woman should take pains to look something like the woman her husband married. When a man’s wife looks good, he feels good.

• Balance your intake of calories with the proper amount of exercise.
• Use make up to your advantage
• Hairstyle he likes
• Clothes showcase a woman

Attractiveness is what you do with what you have. An attractive woman is made, not born.

Next up: She needs financial support.

Have a blessed day. Lynn


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