Guest Writer - Dineen Miller
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Fifteen Years and Counting

It was fifteen years ago today. Two unsuspecting and optimistic young adults walked down the isle. We were married in the typical fashion and it was a beautiful day and the weeks following were filled with love.

As the weeks became months, then years our marriage relationship grew and changed. My husband and I are more in love today than we were on our wedding day. We have overcome so much together. It is because of the great love of Jesus our marriage survived the rocky years.

I know many readers here at Spiritually Unequal Marriage are struggling within their marriage. The spiritual differences in the home are paramount. Many feel heart broken, lonely and desperate. Today as I look back on the years when I was exactly where you are, I encourage you to stay the course. You CAN have peace, love and a genuinely wonderful marriage in spite of your differing beliefs.

Fifteen years…. O Lord, thank you for my husband and our marriage. O Lord, where will our marriage be in another fifteen years? I pray it will be at the feet of Jesus, united as one.

Be encouraged. If God can move in our marriage to bring happiness, love and contentment, He can and will move in yours. Blessings my friends, Lynn

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