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Your Deliverance Is At Hand!

I am compelled to interrupt our current series to discuss something the Holy Spirit is impressing on me today, actually all weekend. I know that I often project a very positive attitude about my marriage. I share with you the hope I have found in Christ to face the special challenges and issues spiritually mismatched marriage brings.

I want to tell you I do have real hope and optimism for my marriage and my husband’s salvation. Sometimes, however, I feel defeated. I experience what many of you experience. This week specifically appears to be a very trying week for many of us who are unequally yoked. This weekend my husband and I engaged in a “loud discussion." Religion or faith always enters the fray. Why does this happen??? I am perplexed. *frown* This week I am not alone. Many are in a dark, seemingly hopeless place.

It is time to share a strong and dangerous promise. God will not leave you there in the dark. He will change your situation. Okay, I said it. I know it to be true and I ask you to cling to this promise while you serve in your bondage.

He asks two things of you to move you to the Promised Land:

1. Read His word everyday.
2. Pray specifically every morning and throughout the day as He prompts you.

I also need to promise you one other outlandish truth from God.

He WILL deliver you.

It won’t be the way you expect.

When He has honed your character, strengthened your faith, grown you to maturity, that is the day God will deliver you to a land more outrageous, beautiful, rich and more abundant than you can conceive. I am not talking about heaven. He will deliver you here on earth as well. I PROMISE!


I, too, walked through the dark valley this week, but the promise at the other end was so valuable, I would have given everything to receive it. I have more to share about this later though, as the story is still unfolding.

Please write to me if you need prayer. The prayer team at Spiritually Unequal Marriage are committed believers who will faithfully pray for you for seven days. How awesome is God to have warriors waiting to stand in the gap for you. How can we pray for you or the dark place that is holding you in bondage, your spouse, your kids and relationship with our Deliverer, Jesus?

Be blessed, Lynn

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