His Need: Sexual Fulfillment
Sex - What She needs to Know


As we continue our series these are the common difficulties in meeting the needs of your spouse:

1. Men are in touch with their sexuality because of their basic male drive. He often lacks skill in lovemaking and therefore more or less use his wife. Because his technique is unaffectionate, she becomes more and more infuriated.
2. Women don’t usually understand their sexuality therefore don’t know how to meet their husbands driving need for sex. In order to satisfy her husband sexually a wife must also feel satisfied.

Men and women should commit themselves to learning to enjoy the sex relationship. ---Dr. Harley, His Needs, Her Needs (Paraphrased)

This is where I believe many married couples go wrong. We choose NOT to learn. We are embarrassed or feel shame in talking about sex. Women tend to be ultra sensitive dealing with this subject. May I offer some simple advice? GET OVER IT!!! I know you have heard this before, God ordained marriage and sex. Have you read Song of Songs? It could be an X-rated movie. God created us as sexual beings to enjoy one another.

Today, give yourself permission to learn more. Here are several links to Christian articles that discuss some of the details regarding sex. You will be surprised about how liberal the Bible is about married sex. The articles are written by Christian sex therapists.

Christianity Today: Better Sex (click Here for all articles)

Christian Sex Rules

Sex Without Reservations

'It' Doesn't Just Happen-A lifetime prescription for sizzling sex.

Scheduling Intimacy

The Martial Golden Rule by Dr. Willard Harley: Meet your spouse's needs, as you would want your spouse to seek to meet yours!

Blessings, Lynn

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