She Needs Affection
Thankful Thursday

Affection List for Women

The List:

1. Hug and kiss your wife every morning, while you are still in bed.
2. Tell her that you love her, while you’re having breakfast together.
3. Kiss her before you leave for work.
4. Call her during the day, to see how she is doing.
5. Bring her flowers once in a while as a surprise (be sure to include a card that expresses your love for her).
6. Gifts for special occasions (birthday, anniversary, Christmas, Mother’s Day, and Valentine’s Day) should be sentimental, not practical. Learn how to shop for a woman.
7. After work, call her before you leave for home, so that she can know when to expect you.
8. When you arrive home from work, give her a hug and a kiss and spend a few minutes talking to her about how Her day went.
9. Help with the dishes, after dinner.
10. Hug and kiss her every night, before you both go to sleep.

Great Book Suggestion from Sting My Heart: A love worth Giving" my Max Lucado


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