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Thankful Thursday

Our Needs In Marriage

Marriage is a complex relationship, perhaps the most intricate on the face of the earth. Unfortunately, most of us don’t realize what we get into when we say, “I do.” We think the dynamics of a good marriage depends on some mysterious blend of the "right" people. Or if a marriage turns out badly, we call the two people “wrong” for each other. Two inherently incompatible people might marry, but that is unusual. More frequently with marital breakups one or both partners lack the skills or awareness to meet each other’s needs. ---Willard F. Harley, Jr. His Needs, Her Needs

This excerpt is from chapter two of Mr. Harley’s book. I would like to explore the basic needs of men and women in a marriage relationship. The paragraph above describes so many of us who entered into marriage with ZERO training. We actually were relying on some mysterious magic to take over and make marriage wonderful.

Well most of us know that marriage takes HARD work. But, is it worth it when we finally get it right. So over the few weeks, we will look through Mr. Harley’s book. It is my prayer that we discover a few pointers to make our lives happier.

Next Post: Did you know you have a love bank. How are deposits made into your love bank?

Be blessed, Lynn


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