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My Englishman by Guest Writer; Kimberly Jones

My Englishman by Guest Writer; Kimberly Jones

I am pleased to introduce a new guest writer here at Spiritually Unequal Marriage, Kimberly Jones.

Kim is forty years old, happily married for eight years. Kim and her husband have two adopted boys, ages 11 and 7. She works part-time for Christ Lutheran Church in Hagerstown, MD. Her interests are her family, writing, reading, knitting and singing. She is also learning to enjoy cooking!

You can find Kimberly at Knitten' Kittens.

Part I: Kimberly Jones

When I was asked to write a testimony about marrying someone who was not a believer, I came to the realization that my story began many years ago. My story not only has to do with marrying unequally yoked, but also with God’s direct answer to prayer and how I knew that His answer to my prayer was all part of a much greater plan.

My story begins back in 1984 when I was just 18 years old. I had always been a bit of a dreamer and a romantic, despite the fact that the few teenage relationships I’d had were neither long nor serious. I was a dreamy-eyed girl who watched soap operas and spent time writing stories of love at first sight.

A particular soap opera character served to start my young mind on a journey to marry an Englishman. I wanted a knight in shining armor with a British accent. The only problem was that I lived in a small town in Maryland, so the Brits were not exactly aplenty or even existent where I lived.

Still on every birthday, when I blew out the candles, I wished for my Englishman, who would love me eternally and every night when I prayed to God, I begged Him to deliver this person to me. I knew what this man was like inside: kind, gentle, protective, yet able to allow me to be independent, a loving father and husband. I would describe my heart’s desire to God in detail yet year after year, there was no sign of him.

By the time I entered into my early thirties, I had all but given up on my dream and had resigned myself to simply being single for the rest of my life. I didn’t date often, but I had good friends that I enjoyed spending time with and it was through one friend, that I met another and then another, in a chain of events and people that would change my life forever.

God led me to all these different people until I had met a woman my own age, Michelle, who had met a man over the internet that was from England. Jim had flown to Maryland to meet her, bringing with him his friend, Chris. They had only stayed a week before flying back, but Jim promised to return by May to stay for good.

A month after the two men had flown back to England I met Michelle. Though her story intrigued me, I never gave much thought to it until several weeks later when I found myself chatting to Chris over the computer. We had much in common; values, sense of humor and life experiences. We chatted for a few months and then the computer chats turned into phone calls. The entire time, my mind was whirling. Had God finally answered my prayer?

Chris came to the states in May and we quickly fell in love. It was then that I discovered something about him that I didn’t know. Chris was not a Christian. He was, in fact, a very stubborn atheist. The information shocked me and threw me into a tailspin. How could God have delivered my nineteen-year prayer to me, but not have Chris believe in him? That was when I realized that the critical error was my own.


Next Post: Find out where this adventure is headed. Be blessed, Lynn

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