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Raising Kids Christian - Part VII - The Battle for our Kids

Raising Kids Christian - Part VI - Encourage Your Kids

Lord, I hold up every parent reading this series of articles, Raising Kids Christian. I ask You, Father, to send a fresh anointing of the Holy Spirit into their life. Empower them by Your spirit to stay the course, to keep the faith and to love, love, love.

Lord, I pray that you would give us a supernatural ability to discern the truth concerning our children. Fill us with wisdom to be a trusted guide in their journey through life. Make each of us a better parent today.

As You lavish Your love into our lives, help us to pour unconditional love into the lives of our precious lambs. Grant us patience and peace for the rebellious times ahead, for the confusing and scary moments of parenting.

Our children are a precious gift You have entrusted to us for a short time. Help us love them as you do. Amen

In addition to praying for our kids and offering a living example, as a Christian parent, we can encourage our children in their faith in other ways. We have already talked about attending weekend church services. Take your children with you as long as you can.

I confess, my tween daughter did not like to go to church every week. Some weeks she would go with me and other weeks stay at home with Dad. My daughter never cared to attend her age specific “Sunday school.” She would rather attend adult services over the “kid room” as she called it.

Now she attends every week!!! She volunteered to help in the kindergarten classroom while I attend church. She loves it! She is a teacher’s helper. She is delighted every week with the kids who look up to her. She reads her lesson material the week before and is prepared to talk about the truth with the five-year-olds. She is learning more now as a teacher’s helper than she did sitting in church with me. God orchestrated the invitation to my daughter to teach. I just encouraged her by telling her she would be good at it!!!!!

You can also help them be aware of Christian events and opportunities. Church youth group is a fantastic outreach! There are Christian concerts, youth camp, movie night, Christian bowling, roping, racing, etc. There are youth retreats and missions to build homes in Mexico, as well as local missions, feeding the homeless also, pool parties and vacation bible school for the youngsters.

Pray for a Christian friend for your child.

Your child may not be a Christian today but you can talk to them about your faith. You can encourage them to pray to God. Small prayers given to God are often the beginning steps to a love relationship with Jesus Christ.

In my next post: Where do we draw the line??? How much television? Video? What movies are they watching? What images and messages are they receiving through the media and in your own home? What happens when mom and dad disagree???

In my final post on Raising Kid’s Christian, we will tackle the Prodigal…. Stay tuned and be blessed my friends. You are not alone!!

Remember: Philippians 4:13 (New Living Translation)
13 For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength.

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