Raising Kids Christian - Part V
Raising Kids Christian - Part VI - Encourage Your Kids

A Child's Faith

One of the delights of writing some of the series of articles for Spiritually Unequal Marriage has been my interviews with my family. I have been surprised, humbled, and encouraged by my family’s willingness to participate and their honesty in the answers. They are truly interested in helping us in any way they can. Mostly they help me!!Imported_photos_00097_3

During this series, I decided to interview my eleven-year-old daughter. I asked her several questions I think might be of interest. I have her permission to share. I also would encourage you to “interview” your kids. God will use these private discussions to change you and your child.

I know our reading audience is vastly different in that we have children of all ages or do not have children. Still, I hope you will enjoy the truths of God from the eyes of a child. Also, my interview with my daughter would not contain the same questions as an interview with an adult child or a three-year-old. However, consider these questions as a starting point then how you could revise them to interview your own child. Ask your child if they would be willing to participate in our website interview. Please email your answers to me. Sharing your challenges and successes can help all of us.

Interview: October 15, 2006

Q: What do you think about the differences in your parent’s beliefs?
A: I don’t like it when you argue about your differences like when the news is on and you both can’t agree!


Q: Do you believe in Jesus?
A: I do. I just know He is there. He hears my prayers. I pray for my Dad.

WOW! Didn’t know all of this!

Q: What helps you to be assured in your faith?
A: I see you reading and praying. It makes me feel that I am right.

Hummmm… Our personal faith is a shinning witness for our children

She went on to tell me that her faith is very simple for her. She honestly doesn’t understand why Dad doesn’t get it! (Her words: They were painful for me to hear. We both long for Dad to come to Christ)

As a child, her faith comes simply! As adults, we complicate faith, don’t we?

Thank you for indulging my interviews. I pray that you will find encouragement for your children’s faith here. I will continue the series on encouraging children toward faith in my next post! Be blessed! Lynn

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