Abundant Blessings
Complaining or Asking by Amy Forbes


At Spiritually Unequal Marriage, we take a hard and honest look at marriage issues in light of our society and the Word of God. Some of the topics covered here are applicable to all marriages and many are specific to unequally yoked couples. When we are honest about our struggles and failures, we can experience real and lasting change. This is God’s perfect and pleasing will for our lives.

We often delve into challenging issues such as anger, loneliness, and stress. In this process, some of us will uncover giant stumbling blocks, which must be dealt with to achieve authentic healing. Understanding and applying God’s word is the beginning, however, we also may need professional guidance.

It is my commitment to consult with professionals such as, Rebecca Saville who is a physiologist and guest writer at SUM, when taking on a difficult subject. I also want to offer an online resource with helpful information on a wide range of issues. TroubledWith.com looks at parenting challenges, relationship difficulties, love and sex, marital conflict and life transitions to name a few.

I am preparing to write a series of articles on raising children in a Spiritually Mismatched Marriage. Please write me or leave a comment to give me your concerns and questions. Our children’s faith is of paramount concern in any marriage but even more so when faiths don’t mate. I look forward to sharing what God says about our kids.

Be blessed, Lynn

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