Pray for our Pastors
Abundant Blessings

This Monday, October 9th , is the launch of a new weblog created to enrich our devotional time with Christ.

Laced with Grace will offer a daily devotional post Monday through Friday and one on the weekend. Iris, author at Sting My Heart, has followed the prompting of God to create this beautiful place for us to gather and worship. She describes the site as follows and I could not have said it better:

Laced with Grace
is a place for women to focus on God’s Word and get encouraged in their walk with Him who saves. He is our inspiration on a daily basis and He helps us to focus what truly is important in this life.

It is my prayer that the name above all names, Jesus Christ, will be honored through the words and prayers of the authors and the visitors.

Hope to see you over at Laced with Grace! Be blessed!


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