In Spite of Me - Conclusion
Raising Kids Christian - Part II

Raising Kids Christian

I am stepping with great fear and trepidation into our next topic, Raising Kids Christian. I have been before the Lord asking for His divine guidance and word as we seek to uncover truth and wisdom for our children. I will ask the Lord to guide us through this study and to pour His Holy Spirit on all that is discussed in this series.

Lord, I ask that you are glorified through the words recorded here. I ask, Father, that if I speak anything that is not of you, those words would be forgotten and only your words would remain in the hearts of those who stop here.


Lord, we are humble parents seeking to lead our lambs to the foot of the cross. Show us the way. Father, give us your direction when we are lost. Encourage us when we feel defeated. Give us the peace we need to pray effectively for our kids. Help us to remember that our children’s lives are in the palm of your hand. Mostly Lord, we humbly ask to help us become better parents through your teaching in the weeks to come. In Jesus name, name above all names, Amen.

Raising children to become Christian adults in the world today is tough. It is even tougher with out the support of a believing spouse. Children can be confused or anxious because mom and dad differ in their viewpoints. How can we guide them through the choices ahead to create young men and women who have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ? That is the question at hand so let’s get to it!

Linda is a woman who has learned to persist in prayer for her children, even though they have been deeply affected by their father’s anger toward Christian positions on various issues. One evening Linda was on the floor coloring with the children when her husband stormed into the living room with her Bible and a study book in his hands. Earlier that day Linda had inadvertently left them on the kitchen table instead of putting them away in a cupboard. Her husband saw what she had written and was so furious that he ripped the books up in front of the children and threw them out the front door. – Raising Kids Christian, Michael Fanstone.

The next post tells how Linda handled this situation and how our prayers for our kids are crucial. How to pray, what to pray, when and where all are important in the spiritual lives of our kids. See you then. Be blessed, Lynn

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