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The Christian Blogosphere

The Christian blogging community is an amazing place. I have been delighted to read the vast and varying blogs dedicated to serving Jesus. Our community of men and women has a passion to share their hope in Christ with a lost world.

Christian bloggers propel me, as a believer, to grow in my relationship with Christ. Our community also challenges me to rethink my opinions to insure they stand on scripture. I am pushed to release prejudices that limit my ability to love others. In addition, I share in the joy and pain of fellow sojourners. I see people living their faith in the everyday mundane as well as those who are facing seemingly insurmountable difficulties. Christ is honored through our lives!

I am humbled to be a participant in this amazing community. I thank all of the Christians in the Blogosphere for their contribution and love of our Savior.

Check out some great posts at Christianblogger.com and be inspired!

Future Post Note:

I am currently preparing for an interview with Nancy Kennedy, author of When He Doesn’t Believe. I am praying to have it completed and post it in a few days. Stay tuned! Be blessed, Lynn

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