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Jerry Jenkins and Billy Graham

On Saturday, I was tickled to meet and talk with Jerry Jenkins author of the Left Behind series. He was the keynote speaker at the San Diego Christian Writers Conference this year. Jerry’s wit and humor were delightful.

During his address to the conferees, Jerry spoke about writing the memoirs of Billy Graham. Jerry told us about the authentic humility of this man of God and how humbling it was to write the story of Mr. Graham’s life.

I must admit that in years prior I have not been in touch with the Graham ministry because I thought it was appealing to my mother’s generation. Shame on me! What treasures I have denied myself.

Jerry spoke about interviewing Mr. Graham. He asked him a question I will never forget. Join in the conversation between Jerry and Billy Graham….. (my paraphrase)

JJ: How do you maintain your spiritual life in the face of your busy schedule?

BG: I have consistently practiced two things. I pray unceasingly and I search the scriptures.

JJ: How do you do that?

BG: I pray constantly, without ceasing. Through everything, the LORD and I talk, all day, every day.

JJ: What do you mean you search the scriptures?

BG: I leave my bible open in a place where I can see it easily. When I see it lying open I go to it and read. Sometimes a verse, sometimes two, or perhaps a chapter or two. I follow the LORD’s leading.

JJ: How do you feel when your schedule keeps you from reading the scripture?

BG: I don’t think that has ever happened!!!


Today in my home on the kitchen counter, you will find my open bible. Do you know why Billy Graham is a man after God’s own heart??

These two simple things lead us to God’s heart. I will begin today to pray unceasingly and to search the scriptures. Thank you, Mr. Graham. Thank you, Jerry Jenkins.

Be blessed, Lynn 

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