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Going It Alone - Christ who strengthens me

It is through Christ who strengthens us that we can attend church alone and thrive in our experience.

I attend church alone. I abandoned my self-consciousness years ago. I can walk into the auditorium and sit in the front row. Okay, the second to the front row. I purposely look for another woman seated alone. I will sit down by her and wait for the Spirit to open a door for conversation. Sometimes we talk, sometimes not.

I don’t feel angry prior to leaving for church and arriving home is much easier today than in years past.

I have peace. I am thriving in this part of my Christian faith journey. I can still stumble from time-to-time and those old frustrations will invade my heart. Now, however, I know what to do with them and I don’t suffer as long as in years past. Praise God, neither does my spouse.

I lead an active life through my church. I don’t over commit myself but serve in one area that is meaningful and rewarding.

So when Sunday arrives, pray, rejoice and relax. God has a perfect plan for our lives, our spouses, and our marriages. You can take that promise to the bank! Be blessed! Lynn

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