Going It Alone - Before and After
Going It Alone - Their Perspective

Going It Alone - Grief in the Sanctuary

One other area of the “church alone” experience that could just cripple me was grief. I would arrive at church, sit down then I would notice all of the couples seated around me. Observing a husband with his arm around his wife during the service could be excruciatingly painful. I think I would mourn for what I perceived as lost forever. A Christ centered family and marriage. My grief was real enough that I could not concentrate on the service. I believe this also contributed to the conflicts that arose at home when I returned from church. My poor husband. When this grief stuck that is when I wholeheartedly climbed into the arms of Christ. My prayer life stepped up and I found genuine comfort and I release my grief. Once again, Christ used my spiritual singleness to teach me to pray! I no longer sit in church and find myself grief-stricken. I now look for other women who are sitting alone and I purposefully go sit next to them. Sometimes God opens the door for conversation about attending church alone. I find these divine appointments absolutely, amazing. I have much more to say about how we can help those who are following behind us on this path of spiritual singleness. I plan to post about this in a few days. The next post I want to share is “their perspective.” I actually interviewed my husband yesterday about his thoughts and feelings about God, church and our marriage. This was an eye opener. He has given his permission to share his thoughts. Next post…… Are they just as mad, hurt and disappointed as we are????? I have some interesting perspectives from not only my husband but also others who are living in a mismatched marriage and don’t believe. Until then, be blessed, Lynn
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