Going It Alone - Preface
Going It Alone - Oh, the Social Pressure

Going It Alone - How did I get here?

So how do we find ourselves sitting in a pew alone? The stories are vast. Men and women become unequally yoked in four ways. Let’s take a look.

1) God will win over a spouse after marriage. This is probably the most common, especially with wives.

2) Sometimes, there is deception intentional or not intentional before vows. The spouse says they believe when in reality they have not truly surrendered to Christ.

3) On the other side, a believing couple marries but one spouse grows in their faith while the other stagnates.

4) Finally, willful disobedience. A believer marries a nonbeliever thinking I will win him/her over later.

This is my story, willful rebellion. That’s hard to type on the page. I want to share my story, however, to offer you hope. Our Great God worked through my rebellion to create in me a woman who is intensely in love with her redeemer. He has used my husband’s difficult questions and skepticism to grow my faith and character. I am eternally grateful.

The journey has been long and formidable. The years of confusion, fear and loneliness could bring me to the point where I wanted to give up. God would have none of that, however, and today I live in peace with my husband and with God. I am madly in love with them both.

Tomorrow we will look at aloneness in our society and how social pressures add to the alone feeling when we attend church. For today be blessed and know that Jesus can redeem even the most rebellious! Praise God!! Lynn

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