Beautiful Sunday Morning!
Going It Alone - How did I get here?

Going It Alone - Preface

As I started to organize my thoughts and research materials for the up-coming series on church attendance, I was impressed by the Spirit to first begin with a different post.

Today, take a minute to remember your love story. How did your love for your spouse begin?

When did you meet? How did you meet? Who introduced the two of you? What was it about your spouse that intrigued you? Do you remember thinking about him or her all day long? What were some of the fun things you did together? What caused you to be moonstruck? Was it his smile? Was it her laugh? Remember the fragrance he wore. What quirky mannerisms endeared you to her?

It is my prayer, this process will keep love in the forefront of our minds as we endeavor to tackle tough emotions in the posts to follow. If we have not love, we have nothing. Take a minute to read: 1 Corinthians 13 in a fresh way.

Lord, I hold my spouse up to You today. I thank you Father for my life-partner. Help me find a way to show love to my helpmate, today. Let love for my spouse flow out of the boundless love you lavish on me. Amen

Stay tuned for ……… Going it alone!

Be blessed,


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