I was a Crazy Galatian!
Going It Alone - Preface

Beautiful Sunday Morning!

What a beautiful Sunday morning!! I am up early to read, pray and then I am going to church.

Yes, I am going alone.

I sincerely love going to church. I feel a supernatural recharge when surrounded by like-minded people who love Jesus. Going to church alone, however, was an enormous obstacle in the early years. It was almost incapacitating emotionally when I would sit behind a couple who were, perhaps holding hands. Noticing a family together at church was crushing and I would grieve.

I would grieve my aloneness and what I thought was a broken family before God. I would become so upset that I couldn’t focus on the message, which I desperately needed to hear.

Today, I am free of that hurt and on my way to The House of the Lord! I can’t wait to get there.

This week I am going to discuss how to break free of the fears, hurts, and expectations of going to church alone.

This is one of the most difficult areas in a mismatch marriage. I want to hear how many of you have overcome. Please leave me your thoughts. Be blessed,


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