Guest Writers: MaryLu and George Tyndall
My husband’s conversion, by MaryLu Tyndall. Part II

My husband’s conversion, by MaryLu Tyndall.

When my husband and I got married, we were both unbelievers. As a blended family with six children, our marriage was quite difficult and we were not very happy. About five years into the marriage, I gave my life to Jesus. How this happened is another story, but suffice it to say, my life changed dramatically. I had joy, peace, and purpose—things I had never experienced before. I shared my newfound faith with my husband, but he wanted no part of it. In fact, he told me never to talk to him about God.

As the years went by, and I got involved in church and grew in my faith, our marriage deteriorated. We grew further and further apart. My daughter got saved, and then two of step daughters took an interest in going to church with me. When I asked my husband if they could go, he emphatically said no. He also told me that it would be a cold day in Hell when he’d ever step foot in a church. Fortunately a few weeks later, he allowed me to take his girls, and that day in church, they both went forward to receive Jesus.
The Lord was working mightily in our house. Day by day, I was involved in a fierce battle for the souls of my family. Arguments broke out frequently, and Satan tempted me to lose my temper like I used to do and to get revenge like I used to do before I came to Christ. Sometimes I failed and stumbled into his trap. So many times I felt like a failure as witness of the love of God. But each time, the Lord forgave me and picked me up again. I kept moving forward, growing in my knowledge of God and allowing Him to change me from within. My husband is a scientist, a man of great logic so I decided to take a course in Christian Apologetics from Biola University, hoping that I could learn enough to be able answer his questions and present the gospel to him in a logical way. It took me six months of listening to over fifty tapes from some of the greatest minds in Christian Apologetics. I was ready! When I asked my husband to listen to a tape, surprisingly, he agreed, but afterward, my expectant heart dropped when he said it did nothing to convince him. Little did I know that all this time, the Holy Spirit was working on my husband’s heart, softening it to see God.

In the months preceding his conversion, he came to me with questions, all of which I answered as best I could, but he would just shake his head and tell me it didn’t make sense to him. He is a scientist and he needed proof. In the meantime, our relationship had gotten so bad that I was considering moving out of the house. Paul tells us in 1 Corinthians 7 that we should stay with our unsaved spouse, hoping to convert them, and I had done that for seven years. But he also tells us in the same chapter to live in peace. My husband and I were not living in peace. We were fighting almost every day. There was constant tension in the air. Our marriage was practically non-existent, and I thought it better for our sanity and for the kids to separate for awhile.

During this time, my husband got laid off from a job that had given him a great deal of security and prestige. Suddenly, he lost everything that made him who he was. After months of searching for work, he was unable to find a job. His ego took a horrific blow. God had taken my husband to the bottom of his pit. He had nothing left. No job, no title, no money, no prestige, and his wife (me) wanted to leave him.

One day, as I was heading to work, he wasn’t feeling well, and we chatted briefly. I don’t remember anything unusual happening, but my husband told me later that he had seen the love of God in my eyes—something he wanted. While at work, I felt led to send him an email. We had been discussing (more like arguing) about God recently, and I told him in my note that if he really wanted to see if God exists, why not ask Him. I worked close to our house, so I often came home for lunch. That day, I came home and my husband said he was going for a walk. Relieved that I wouldn’t have to deal with him, I lay on my bed and rested before I had to go back to work. About forty minutes later, my husband came into the bedroom. He was shaking. His face was white and his eyes were glowing. I jumped from the bed and asked him what was wrong? He told me he had done what I suggested—he had asked God if He existed, and the Lord had revealed himself to him in a powerful way. As soon as he had posed the question, his body started tingling all over, and God clearly showed him the difference between good and evil, dark and light. He heard the voice of God telling him to stop smoking, and he threw his cigarette down, and ran home. There at the foot of our bed, we held hands, and I led my husband in a prayer to give his life to Jesus. I cannot tell you how awesome it was.

The following week, after eighteen months of being unemployed, the Lord gave my husband a great job. A week after that, he quit smoking. (He’d smoked 3 packs a day for 20 years). It’s been two years now, and our marriage has gotten so much better. It hasn’t been easy, but I have to say I love my husband now more than I ever did, and it’s so wonderful to be able to talk about the things of God with him. We are both growing in the Lord, and we both have a lot to learn, but Praise God, we are on our way.

Everybody comes to the Lord differently. For my husband, because he was so stubborn, so intellectual, and so arrogant, the Lord had to bring him to the very bottom of the pit and then give him an incredible Spiritual experience in order for him to believe. For your husband, wife, or kids, it may be completely different. The key is, don’t ever give up praying for your unsaved spouse or your kids. God is a Father. He understands the love of families, and He has made provision for the whole household to be saved.

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