Is it a Lie?
Guest Writers: MaryLu and George Tyndall

Is it a Lie? Part II

The posting of June 4, 2006 brings to light a common scenario that occurs in Christian and non-Christian homes. It is often referred to as a little white lie. Regardless if you live in a believing or non-believing household, most parents strive to teach that lying is wrong.

An honest conversation with your spouse about telephone etiquette is your best option. Strive to come to an agreement that everyone who answers the phone, children included, should be honest and use their intellect to handle callers.

Give your children specific direction in this area. For example, Susie could say:

“Dad, it’s for you.”
Dad is busy working calls back to Susie, “Please take a message.”
Susie who has been coached by mom and dad says, “May I take a message, my Dad cannot come to the phone at the moment.”

If the caller persists and presses Susie for more information, it is then the Parent, who should pick up the call and use their intellect to handle the caller. Do not put your child, ever, in a place where they must lie for you.

My advice, let the machine get it!!

Be blessed!

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